Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Intelligent testing- what exactly is that?

Intelligent testing is basically the way in which the IQ level of a person is measured. Or more precisely, it says about the mental abilities of comprehension, judgment and reasoning.

Who introduced intelligent testing?
Intelligent testing was introduced by Alan Kaufman. 

What is the purpose of this test?
By intelligent testing, the intellectual potential of a person is measured. While performing the testing, a set of stimuli is designed for generating a score that is based on the test maker’s model that makes us intelligent.

What is required to do in this test?
During this test, the person needs to do various tasks by intelligent equipment testing. Some may include mathematical calculations; answer verbally asked questions and some other tasks that include eye and hand co-ordination. Sometimes the work is timed, that means, the person is required to do some tasks fast within time. The tests become harder after reaching a certain level. It is not possible for a person to know all the answers, so guess work is allowed. This also helps to identify the mental ability of the person.

The person’s raw score is converted into standard scores that are easily decipherable. Most intelligent testing results help to measure the overall intelligence quotient of a person. 

Advantages of intelligent testing
Intelligent testing is very much popular in several corporate offices. Several intelligent testing instruments are used for intelligent testing. This test helps the employer of any office to judge the mental ability of any individual working in his office. This also helps to understand the cultural and background difference between two employees.

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