Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Stability test chambers at discounted rates!

Stability test chambers are superb enclosures used to test the vaccines, drugs and several other products in order know their stability, constancy and the shelf life. Used widely in the pharmaceutical industries, stability test chambers may even be employed to test humidity, the temperature ranges. Such enclosures can be acquired from Quantum Technologies Global, your one-stop destination for the stability test chambers. Our test chambers are developed as the consequence of intensive R &D and a complete confirmation with the international standards.

Our services!
·         Calibration
·         Validation
·         Compliance IQ and OQ
·         PQ Protocols.

The chambers are developed to execute stability and the shelf list test on the drug substances.

Features of our devices!
Our test chambers incorporate the programmable alarms and the display screen allowing constant monitoring of the devices for any kind of fluctuation in parameters like temperature. Our enclosures are amazingly energy efficient, reliable and comprise of the sturdy construction. The interiors and the exteriors are corrosion resistant and hence our enclosures are sure to last for decades.

Why us?

From us, you can avail the stability chambers at discounted rates. The devices are available both in the standard models and customized models as per the needs of our clients. In fact, Quantum Technologies Global is the leading manufacturer of all the lab equipments that are used in various applications like quality testing, reliability testing, in the sedimentation and the centrifugal forces, in power coating, etc. Get in touch with our professionals immediately to acquire such stability test chambers. 

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