Friday, 8 April 2016

What are the handy features of a dust test chamber?

Dust test chamber is mainly suitable for testing the sealing performance of home components or the housing of products. It is basically employed in the two grades of test like the IP5X and the IP6X. Such a test is prescribed by the housing protection grade standard. It can test the functioning and efficacy of components under extreme environments. The test duration and the dust used determine the standard of the test. The very formation of dust in test space gets impacted by the compressed air injection via the nozzles. To get the best test results, you need to look for certain features.

Well designed and user friendliness!

The air channel must be comprised of quality material like the high quality stainless steel. The air channel bottom may be connected to conical hopper interface, the air outlet and the inlet should lead towards the air channel. There must be the well made working top or room to be connected with the inside of the room, formulating the ‘O’ Shape. Hence, the air can flow smoothly and it may help in diffusing the dust to a great extent.

Is it important to buy dust test chamber with smart touch screen?

While purchasing the dust test chamber, consider buying the one with touchscreen. The touch screen chamber will perform automatically and will have the handwritten function. Choose the one with intuitionist operation, elegant and graceful appearance and that which is easy to use.

The need for proper temperature air circulation!

If the entire air channel is made up of stainless steel, the air channel bottom is connected to the cone hopper, the air inlet and outlet is attached to the cone hopper, the dust will diffuse evenly and to the greatest extent.

Dust test chamber is used to perform dust test and to test the functioning of the components under different climatic conditions. The test duration and the actual composition of the dust will be indicated. 

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